Marketing Consultant

Marketing Assessment and Strategy Development

cheshire-cat-quote-300x215Every day there is a new tool or mobile app or social media site being released that you can explore. Every week the mainstream social media sites are announcing changes and enhancements to their platforms. Every few months the demographics and growth trends of the various sites start changing.

Marketing your brand on social and mobile platforms is no longer edgy or innovation. If you want to be found, trusted, and remembered, you need to not only have a strong and recognizable brand identity on these platforms, but you need to be contextually relevant and engaging. That means keeping up with changes. That also means starting with a marketing strategy that is both focused and flexible.

Let me take a look at your current marketing efforts. I can help you identify:

  • How to can get better results.
  • What’s working and what should you do more of.
  • What you should stop doing.
  • What you are not doing that would reveal new opportunities.
  • How to calculate the value of your social media efforts.
  • How to improve workflow.
  • How to produce more results?

I work with you to narrow in on and define the most important elements will drive the results you are looking for. Through research, we can help you define the type of people (personas) you want to focus your resources on reaching and engaging with, including what they care about and how your brand can help them reach their goals.

Your competitive analysis will reveal what is working or not working for your competitors, as well as, where there are opportunities for your brand to fill a need that your competition is missing out on. Together, we will be able to identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition and provide insights of what topics or actions you may want to avoid based on mistakes others have already made.

Finally, I will work with your team on developing an editorial calendar and workflow that integrates with various other communication and marketing or sales initiatives and is timely and flexible enough to respond to real-time engagement.

I will establish the metrics your team should track to make sure your marketing initiative is staying focused on the business goals.

Once your brand has a defined marketing roadmap focused on specific destinations, each time there is a detour based on the various changes that happen on the social web, your team will be able to adapt without losing focus of why they are online and who they are trying to reach.


Content Marketing

“The difference between the almost-right word and the right word is … the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.”

—Mark Twain

Basically, it is a very noisy world out there and if you want to get anyone’s attention, your content has to be worthy of attention.

Not all content is created equally. Some content will work better for different types of audiences, or for different products or in certain geographies.

Together we will focus on using content to speak to the ideals and aspirations of your target audience.   

Each piece of content will have a specific goal within a sales pipeline

1. Awareness

2. Engagement 

3.  Action

4 . Advocacy

To create an effective social media presence, we need to understand which content is working and in what situations for your brand, which means testing. Track analytics to know what is working, with whom, and when.