Business and Career Coaching

We live in a world where almost any idea is do-able; it is just a matter of figuring out the details, prioritizing, and making a commitment to reaching the goal.

My coaching style is to listen to what you want, focus on your strengths, and help you figure out how to fill in the gaps of the areas that you are either weaker in or simply do not want to do.

As your coach I will offer you insights and recommend actions based on my years of experience. You will learn from my mistakes and my successes.

I have been a top sales person and sales manager,  managed award-winning projects, and launched a few businesses. 

If you want a cheerleader, turn to your friends and family.  If you want insights, some of which may be hard to hear, I have the courage to explore those with you.

If you need a coach to get clarity or put some ideas in order, let’s talk.