“As a startup founder of My Esteam Kits, sometimes it feels like every decision is an important one, the problem is they’re not always easy. Sherry Heyl’s expertise helped guide me through some difficult business decisions with her “Where’s the Rat” business strategy. My sessions were perhaps some of the most effective because it empowered me to develop a clear roadmap of my goals, identify what I can do right now and develop milestones for the future. Additionally, her strategy helped me push the limits and encourage my team to take on greater responsibilities and accountability.

In less than 3 weeks of meeting with her, we’ve reviewed our pricing, positioning & pitch and made significant improvements to our sales process. Moreover, we’ve cultivated over 20 leads! (Woo-hoo) It is without hesitation, that I highly recommend Sherry and the Collab!”  – Jahari Soward

“I am a typical finance person who knows nothing about marketing, social media, “rats in the kitchen”, CRM systems or “calls to action”. I realized that it was okay since I had Sherry covering all of that for our company. She is extremely knowledgeable and is incredibly responsive. She breaks everything down to a level I understand and without her, our upcoming conference would have been a train wreck. I know after our initial consultation, she was the real deal. I would recommend Sherry to anyone with no hesitation!” -Jennifer Hall

“In my capacity as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Communities In Schools of Georgia, I worked with Sherry Heyl and members of the Sensei Project for more than 2 years. During that time, the Sensei staff helped Communities In Schools grow and engage audiences on numerous platforms by 500%. They also provided hands-on training and proactive, easy-to-implement strategies to strengthen CIS’ social media presence and knowledge.”  – Catherine Broussard

“I have been working with Sherry Heyl as my business coach for years and have always been impressed with her spot-on insights, awareness of my timing in the stages of business growth, business needs and roles, etc. I can’t endorse her enough for her business coaching knowledge and advisement!” – Jake Aull

“Sherry Heyl is simply one of Atlanta’s social media trailblazers and thought leaders. Her business was created in answer to helping the business community apply social media tools, technologies and methodologies to their companies – something few social media professionals felt could be done at the time (2005) in Atlanta. Sherry is also that rarest of people – she executes. Among her accomplishments, she’s not only grown a successful small business but also played a big part in creating Atlanta’s first social media conference (SoCon07) – which helped put Atlanta on the social media map. I also count Sherry as a friend, inspiring peer and a valuable source of industry knowledge.” – Kevin Howarth

“I think of Sherry as a “practical visionary.” Her vision and ability to trail blaze new paths of communication are amazing. She also makes this applicable and relevant to business by systematically charting out definable steps and results. Aside from all of this talent and expertise, I would recommend Sherry based on her energy alone; it is abundant and contagious.” – Tim Phelan

“We were so happy to have Sherry on board to inform us of trends and social media during our relaunch. She helped us narrow our approach and gave us key tips that will help us build a social media base without being overwhelmed. Sherry is great!” – Liesl Merkel

“Sherry’s energy and passion cannot be matched. Her wisdom of the growing and changing social media landscape has helped HUNTER leverage new technologies and tools to separate ourselves even further from the competition. We appreciate being associated with Sherry and we look forward to her continued success.” – Clint Bailey

“I needed help with how to create my own brand during a job change, in order to bring attention to me and attract the best company. I needed guidance on how social media could play a role in that role change, but also for my personal brand in the future. Sherry has helped me to see that both are related and how to leverage many tools in the process. Most importantly, Sherry took a proper business approach and applied it to my personal situation.” – Marty