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The Spirit of Steve Jobs

Last night I sat on my couch with my Mac on my lap while the news flashed images on the T.V. in front of me. I was reading some random blog post when I looked up and saw the words “Steve Jobs has died.”

In a brief second, the air seemed to have been sucked out of the room.

I turned my attention to my online networks. On Facebook, Twitter, and Google + we shared videos, stories, inspirational quotes.

After hours of watching and reading tributes, I went upstairs to my room. There was my husband watching a documentary on his iPad. He set his alarm to wake us up with the music from his iPod that was connected to it.

It is astonishing how much he accomplished in his lifetime.

It is astonishing how much he accomplished in a short lifetime of only 56 years.

It is astonishing how much he accomplished in the past 7 years…the same 7 years he was battling cancer.


As we all pay our tributes, we recognize that his greatness came from his passion, his curiosity, his creativity, his demand for perfection. But he was able to accomplish his desire to “put a ding in the Universe” because of his fearlessness.

Thank you, Steve Jobs.