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I Am Now Part of the 1%

I am now part of the 1%. Not in the financial world, but in the world of Linkedin.

That is what the email I received from Linkedin announced. I was actually quite surprised. Linkedin is one of my least used networks. But receiving this “honor” only proves what I try to tell my clients often. Something I am sure Linkedin would not like to hear me say, which is “do not pay for Linkedin until you are maxing out what you can do with the network for free.”

I have met a number of people who have the premium membership and they barely get any use out of it. It is a bit like paying for a gym membership, not actually hitting the treadmill and expecting to get in shape because you are paying that monthly membership. It takes more than handing over your credit card number. You actually have to do the work.

I currently use Linkedin to stay connected in touch with my connections. It is not about being connected, it is about staying in touch;  reaching out to people when they make a change in their career; reaching out to people you have not talked to in awhile; reaching out to people who you have not met yet when they ask to connect with you. It is about building relationships.

That takes time. Just like getting on the treadmill takes time. But just like the treadmill, doing the hard work does eventually pay off.

One of my 2013 goals has been to improve my use of Linkedin. I have been reaching out to my network, finding new groups to participate in and removing myself from groups that have not provided any value yet. I actually anticipate I will be ready to take my membership to the next level this year. But not until I have maxed out what I can get with the free version.

Thank you, Linkedin.