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What I Learned at the Digital Summit

There are many, many conferences, summits, and events related to social media and the digital space, that a small business could spend all of their earnings on them. That is why I try to be very selective of what I attend and even after making my selection I am only hopeful that it was the right event to spend my time and money at.

This week’s Digital Summit in Atlanta did not let me down. The highlight was the panel discussion at lunch. I have not seen a debate like that since the old new media vs old media debates. The hot topic on this panel was about pay walls. There is a lot of passion on both sides of the debate, but I do not see any way how the pro-paywall side can win.

Below are my Twitter-Sized notes from all the sessions I went to. I did skip out before seeing Gary V speak. I would have had to miss out on supporting my teenage son who was auditioning for a play, and Gary V simply does not impress me enough to make such a sacrifice. Specifically, because some of his comments are ridiculous and meaningless.

  • When @garyvee says 99% of social media experts are clowns, why do the ppl cheering think they are the 1%?
  • What ppl desire are not products, but satisfying experiences
  • Differentiate your offerings by creating an experience strategy
  • Transparency helps eliminate consumer anxiety.
  • “Likes” are the new links
  • At search marketing talk…apparently social media is stealing some attention from sem
  • 3x more smartphones are being activated than there are babies being born
  • 1 in 3 mobile queries is local. 61% call the business and 59% will visit the business
  • 23% of finance and ins queries are on mobile devices.
  • Make sure to prioritize content for mobile and use uniquely mobile features
  • The word community is being overused and misused
  • I love these campaigns but let’s call it audience participation and not community
  • Why is listening to the user her last point? Relevancy starts with listening.
  • Paid is important but if no one is saying anything about you, it does not matter
  • Companies are moving from testing waters to fully integrated campaigns
  • Brands can be tagged in FB photos now… I did not know that!
  • Provide your online communities with exclusive access to information
  • “slo-mo” experience (Social, local, mobile) is the future. Content strategy is key for community engagement.
  • People will share information that gives them social currency
  • There is so much content on the web that we will always need curators
  • To spread info on the web, make it entertaining.
  • (Per Netflix experiment) Your taste and your friend’s taste are not correlated, it is better to find matches from the whole community (Pandora, StumbleUpon, Amazon.com)
  • Digital Timeline: Read, Buy, Talk
  • Make your brand, theirs
  • This day and age data is the new currency
  • Nobody sits around, reads the news and says, “wow that was a well-written article, I’d like to pay for more of that”
  • When designing for mobile you have to re-imagine the experience.
  • Tactics are secondary… define the problem and needs first
  • How does the CMO define web 2.0? Getting back what the CIO stole from me.
  • ATL is a good cross-section of the consumer market and not hyper-competitive
  • Great quote… for those who do not hear the music, the dancers seem insane
  • Cost of social media is Time and Brand Image
  • ROI starts with a planning process – it is not an after-thought.
  • Results that matter (Lead generation, Referrals, Sales, Revenue, Awareness, Cost Reduction)
  • SEM has moved from keywords to demo and pyschographics – Treating people like people again as opposed to pixels and queries
  • Look at your marketing plan and find all the integration points.
  • Universal Search – News, Images, real-time Twitter, Video, Local/Maps