Review of LeadFuze

Automate Lead Generation

LeadFuze automates your lead generation at a fairly reasonable cost. If you signup for an annual plan, you can pay a monthly installment of $231.30 for up to 1,200 leads. That’s approximately 19 cents per lead. If you don’t like commitments you can pay for their month-to-month plan fee of $257 per month for up to 1,000 leads which just under 26 cents per lead. 

That is a great price when you consider the average cost per lead for other channels. Below is the average cost per lead by industry. 

How does LeadFuze do this? The partner with third-party vendors and complete their own web searches for the information. The data is verified before it is sent to you. 

You can search by descriptions that are based on your ideal personas or you can search for people within specific companies.  However, unless you spend some time really narrowing down what to or not to include in the searches you will be presented with a huge list of people you may not be interested in. But once you set your search parameters, you can schedule the tool  to send you a specific number of leads for that search per day. 

LeadFuze offers a free trial which provides 25 leads during that trial. I appreciate that they do not require a credit card on file for the trial. When I conducted my first search I did find contacts with information that I knew was outdated, but it is hard to hold that against them because people are always on the move.

Here is my warning. Although this is a powerful tool that can be incredibly useful to growing your business, if you do not treat the leads with respect it will cost you greatly. If you start sending sales emails or newsletters to these contacts without consent they will mark your emails as spam which will affect the deliverability of all your emails. If a great lead marks you as spam or even unsubscribes, you have reduced your chances of getting in front of them in a compelling way. The best way to use these leads is to seek to develop a relationship. Introduce yourself, offer content of value and get permission to continue the conversation. 

If you have found  that the information about LeadFuze is out of date, please contact me

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