Work With Me

Marketing Assessment and Strategy Development


I partner with my clients to clarify and prioritize where they should spend their sales and marketing budget to obtain the best results.

Let me take a look at your current marketing efforts. I can help you identify:

  • How to improve your results.
  • What’s working and what should you do more of.
  • What you should stop doing.
  • How to calculate the value of your marketing efforts.
  • How to improve workflow.

I will help you identify the most important marketing tactics to drive the results you are looking for.  I will help you identify who to focus your resources on reaching and engaging with, including what they care about and how your brand can help them reach their goals.

I will establish the metrics that you should track to make sure your marketing initiatives are staying focused on your business goals.

As the founder  of Amplified Concepts,  I can work with you and your team, to select professional freelancers, to efficiently implement your new marketing plan.

Here are a few of my award-winning projects

  • Social Influencers Travel Summit was developed in partnership with the Atlanta Convention Visitors Bureau to bring together 50+ Influencers from around the world for workshops delivered by their peers combined with a press tour of the city. This event yielded over 93 million impressions and was recognized by AiMA best of Atlanta, PR Daily’s Digital PR & Social Media Awards in the category of Digital and Social Media for Brand Awareness and received the Award of Excellence by PRSA Phoenix Awards.
  • Accor Hotels community engagement strategies included weekly Twitter contests with token give-aways, proactive sales outreach to travelers, and responsive customer service. The team received recognition by PR Daily’s Social Media Awards in the category of Best Community Engagement.
  • Pullman Paris Press Tour focused on telling the story of the renovations of the Pullman hotels to the North American Market. We selected 7 influencers whose focus was on Travel, Design, and Architecture and worked with our client to develop an experience that would shape compelling stories by our influencers. We also actively engaged with the influencer on through our client’s social media account provide insider information as well as amplified their stories. The result was an overall online media reach of 57.8 million. The team received recognition by PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards in the category of Influencer Campaign.