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Influencer Marketing can be more than reach and awareness

Many brands are working with social media influencers, people with a large and engaged online following, to increase the reach and awareness of their brand. The idea is that an influencer has an audience that trusts them and therefore if the influencer writes about the product, their audience will be more likely to look into that product or choose that product over a competitive one.

But a well thought out campaign and thoughtful long-term relationships with social influencers can provide a brand with a lot more than reach and awareness.

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5 Steps to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Program

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Have Hotels Surrendered to OTAs?

This summer I planned a trip to NYC to see some clients. Before I reached my hotel I already was feeling like I made a poor choice. ‘

I wrote about my experience along with some suggestions of how hotels can better serve this guest on Hotel Executive about how Made Me Hate My Hotel.


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It’s Time For a Freelancer (R)evolution

In the 2+ decades I have been working, freelancers have always played an important role in providing expertise or filling in talent gaps for organizations. There are a number of benefits that come with hiring a freelancer including keeping headcount down and reduce payroll to having access to unique expertise with a vast amount of experience.

There are many benefits to being a freelancer as well such as flexibility and taking control of your career path.

However, the downside to both organizations and freelancers is the fact that many hands-woman-legs-laptop.jpgfreelancers work alone. They are responsible for sales and marketing, accounting, project or account management, keeping their skills up to date, and the specific tasks they were hired to do.

My experiences of being a freelancer and managing freelancers sparked an idea of how we can keep all the great things about freelancing while easing the struggles that come from working alone.

Amplified Concepts is a freelancer community where the expertise of individuals are highlighted, a community of freelancers gather, and dedicate teams come together to learn from each other, collaborate, and share resources.

If you would like to know how you can be a part of this (r)evolution, contact me.

Why Facebook Advertising is so beneficial to brands

Chris and I have been working together for a long time. Over the years Chris has become more and more passionate about Facebook Advertising because of the expanded capabilities offered to brands at reasonable price points.

Here is an Amplified Concepts Chat an Amplified Concepts Chat where we discuss opportunities and misunderstandings about Facebook Ads.

Pepsi or United? Looking for a Sincere Apology.

Companies are run by people and people mess up. It is often up to the people who lead the company to apologize for the mistakes, carelessness, or outright disasters that happen.

Recently, we all got to witness two brands apologize for some careless disasters. How well did they do it and what can we all learn from it? That is what Chris and I discussed on Amplified Concepts.

Keeping Your Nonprofit Volunteers Inspired

For many nonprofits, volunteers are the lifeblood that animates the mission. Whether it is people who show up to help clean or provide their professional expertise, these volunteers are often critical to meeting the goals of the organization.

Attracting and retaining volunteers takes effort and the most important part of that effort is communication. In my post on Linkedin, Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers through Social Media, I highlight how you can use social media to align with the values of your sought after volunteers, take away any fear and concerns they may have of the unexpected, and reward them with recognition.