Reclaiming Idealism

Facing the economic, technological, and global challenges of today and tomorrow with an undying belief in humanity’s ability to get it right…eventually.

Sometimes Idealists are thought of as naïve and not realistic about the dangers of the world.

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I believe that we go in the direction that we are focused on and I choose to focus on the goals and vision of how we would like our lives to be. 

When you’re an Idealist, you spend your life in pursuit of things that have meaning to you; you have purpose, goals, and principals. You’re not content to just let things remain as they are, nor are you able to let go of your ideas.

When I launched my personal brand in 2005 and gave myself the title Idealist, it had two meanings. The first meaning was that I helped my clients come up with and stretch the ideas of what was possible for their business. The second meaning was that I was extremely optimistic about the future and I embraced the notion that my optimism was a bit idealistic.

We are living in precarious times right now. I believe it is vital for each of us to find our light to shine our way through to better times. My light is idealism, whether it is in the form of helping people stretch the ideas of what is possible, being unrealistically optimistic about the future, or identifying the silver lining of tough situations. It is my purpose of why I do what I do.

In 2005 I left a steady job in corporate America to launch the business of me in an industry very few people heard of, social media. I gave myself the title Idealist because I believed that the ability to communicate and connect with people from all around the world was going to bring about positive changes. Over the years I have witnessed that the process may be slower than I imagined, but I refuse to give up hope.

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