Conversion Tracking Now Available on LinkedIn: Weekly Social Media Round Up

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Lots to cover this week. I will start with LinkedIn.

You Can Now Track Conversions on LinkedIn

Anyone who says they cannot measure their ROI of their social or digital marketing efforts either does not know who to create campaigns to track their ROI or they are simply not trying.

It starts with knowing your goal,  knowing what it takes to reach that goal, and then setting up the tools to measure each milestone toward reaching that goal. LinkedIn has just made that measurement a bit easier with conversion tracking:

a set of capabilities built directly into LinkedIn Campaign Manager that lets you easily measure how many leads, sign-ups, content downloads, purchases, and other specific results you’re getting from your Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns.

Linkedin Embraces #Hashtags

This bit of news was baffling to me. I can appreciate the use of Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Both platforms are used for real-time events and are platforms where users tend to engage with people with similar interest whether or not they are following them. Facebook tried the whole hashtag thing and it really has not gone well. Why, or why does LinkedIn, the grown-up social platform, want to embrace hashtags? According to LinkedIn:

“Hashtags included in your posts (or others) are now tappable and lead to search results so that you can discover other posts with the same hashtag. Simply add a hashtag to your post and it will be automatically available publicly, or if you want it to be only visible to your connections you can easily change your sharing settings (more on privacy below). As you would expect, you can also search for a hashtag to see all public posts tagged with it.”

One Billion Dollars for SnapChat

maxresdefaultThat is how much ad revenue SnapChat expects to make in 2017.

This would be an increase of 155.1 percent from the $366.69 million it is expected to see in 2016.

“Right now, according to eMarketer, Snapchat makes nearly half, 43 percent, of its revenue from the Discover feature, which is the company’s collection of media partnerships featuring original content. By next year, however, Snapchat will start making the most money from its Stories feature instead. Stories allow users to post moments from their day, creating a narrative based on their photos and videos. They stay up for 24 hours before they disappear. ”

SnapChat Live Moments gives Our Story the Boot

It was a nice idea and it really could have been, should have been embraced by those responsible for community building or marketing a city, but SnapChat Our Story, which curated content by users in specific cities, areas, or events is no longer available. Instead, SnapChat reportedly is focused on Live Moments which will narrow its focus on events such as the SuperBowl or festivals and not so much of everyday stories of a city.

When You Think of Facebook, Think Mobile

A few months ago we launched a new Facebook page for a client. We ran targeted ads to grow the following which we found to be much more expensive than what we were accustomed to. We made a few tweaks, including making the ad run on Mobile only and found our cost cut by 80%.

Therefore, it was not a surprise coming across this article in Wired that explains how Facebook is focused on making advertisers be better on Mobile. This does not just mean running good mobile ads, it also means if you are driving people back to your website, it better be optimized for mobile.

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