You Get a Verified Twitter! You Get a Verified Twitter! Weekly Social Media Round Up

Weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Twitter Allows Everyone to Get a Verified Twitter Account

picjumbo-com_hnck8377-7This week Twitter announced that all Twitter users can now get their account verified. What that means is that the account belongs to the person or organization it says it belongs to. The process is simple. Fill out the Twitter form and tell them why you should have a verified account and submit for Twitter’s consideration.

That’s right. Consideration. You will be notified via email of their decision. If you are denied you can try again in 30 days.

Find More Interesting Accounts To Follow on Snapchat

So, your kids are on Snapchat and they can be amusing or juvenile. Your friends are on Snapchat but they don’t know what to post so they are either silent or showing another great dinner they made. You need some inspiration and entertainment. You need to find great accounts to follow.

This week Snapchat rolled out a new “suggest” feature. You still need a network of people who know you and are willing to suggest good accounts for you to follow, but the new feature makes it easier to make a suggestion.

Previously, you would have to know the handle of the account you would suggest. Now, from the ‘Stories’ list, tap and hold the account name to reveal a blue arrow that, once clicked, allows you to send an account recommendation to your followers.

You Can Livestream on Facebook for 4 Hours

I am going to file this one under just because you can does not mean you should.

At least not without a good reason and a great strategy.

Some other updates Facebook made to Livestream include Audience Restrictions. The ability to target live videos to people of specific demographics. Users are also now able to turn comments and reactions on and off while viewing videos.

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