Twitter Changes How Its Users Engage: Weekly Social Media Round Up

The weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

I know it is a holiday weekend, but there have been some significant changes this week. Let’s dive in.

Twitter Changes How Its Users Engage

Many users I have met with were not even aware that if you start a tweet with @ it would not show up in all your followers feed. Until now if you wanted to start a tweet with a reply and you wanted it to show up in your followers feed you would have to put a character such as . in front of the @ symbol. Twitter says;

Goodbye, .@: These changes will help simplify the rules around Tweets that start with a username. New Tweets that begin with a username will reach all your followers.

Other significant changes to Twitter that were announced this week are about what will and will not be counted as part of the 140 characters. Usernames, media such as pictures and video, and tweets you are quoting are not longer counter.

And just in case the world did not hear you the first time, you can now retweet yourself.

What you will not be able to do on Twitter anymore is to make a purchase.

Introduced in 2014, Twitter’s buy button was intended to let brands, artists and non-profit organisations sell goods within tweets. The product pages, known as Collections, were launched last year, giving advertisers and high profile users the ability to curate a handful of recommended products and places for their fans to browse or purchase.

The move to stop investing team efforts in the products shows recently-reinstated chief executive Jack Dorsey’s desire to focus on Twitter’s core product.


Reddit Is Stepping Up

How important is Reddit?  70% of Reddit members rely on the site for their news.


Also, many posts that started out on Reddit spread to the rest of mainstream news via screenshots taken from the site. Reddit is currently working with publishers to enable the content to be embedded now.

Reddit collaborated with media outlets – including The Washington Post, AOL, and CNET – to optimize the functionality of this embed feature for news organizations. Publishers will now be able to more easily call upon Reddit content in their reportage. Brands and marketers will also benefit by being able to push their promoted posts on Reddit – and the ensuing thread surrounding that content – across the web.

This may be a good idea to promote Reddit to more users and draw a bigger audience but the question remains how the longtime members will feel about this and how bringing in the uninitiated to the platform will change the unique culture of Reddit.

In other Reddit news, you can now actually upload images to the platform instead of using Imgur.

The image uploading feature begins rolling out today with 50 Reddit communities, including Art, Aww, Food, Funny, Gifs and EarthPorn (pretty nature pics). An eventual site-wide release is Reddit’s plan. The feature should make Reddit simpler and faster to use, and easier for newbies to figure out.

SnapChat Gets an Algorithm

Snapchat continues to grow and recently just raised another $1.8B in funding. That funding means that there are investors wanting to make some money. Will a new algorithm that is similar to Facebook lead to advertising dollars?

As brands continue to learn how to make the most of Snapchat as a marketing platform, the app is undergoing some upcoming changes. A source close to Snapchat told Digiday that the update will give the app more control over what its users see. Instead of being presented with messages from every account they follow in chronological order, “snappers,” as they are sometimes called, will interact with a system similar to Facebook’s, where some posts are given less priority while others are boosted.

Facebook Live Video Gets More Interesting

Or at least you can jump to the more interesting parts of a live video, assuming you are watching a replay. According to The Next Web:

It’s a simple concept. Facebook records when an ongoing stream is being most commented on or reacted to, and then visualizes that data on the video seek bar. The more interesting bits will form peaks, the duller sections troughs.

This is similar to insights YouTube has provided for years, showing when people dropped off or when the would rewind a video. Of course with Facebook it is more about the reactions to a Live video.