Instagram Gets More Analytical: Weekly Social Media Round Up

The weekly roundups corral the news you can use.


Photos and Links not to be Included as Part of Twitter’s 140 Character Count

When you are composing a tweet you count the characters. Each letter in a word, each pexels-photospace in between words, each hashtag and at least 22 characters for a link or a picture. The 140 characters with in Twitter originated because twitter started out to be built as a mobile-first social network based on text messaging. At the time text messages had a 160 limit which Twitter subtracted 20 characters from to be able to have enough room for handles. As a mobile-first social network, Twitter was ahead of its time. However,  recent struggles and a competitive social media landscape, Twitter has gone from leader to follower to be more appealing to a mainstream social media audience. At one point there were rumors that Twitter would increase the character count to 10,000. Thankfully they came to their senses and realized the real-time, conversational nature and character limits is what still makes Twitter special.

This week rumors are spreading that Twitter may no longer count Photos, Videos, and Links as part of the 140 charachter count. That is a good idea considering how imporant visuals have become within social conversations. At this time though, it is still just a rumor.

Instagram Gets More Analytical

If you are using Instagram for marketing I am betting one of your frustrations is that lack of analytics. Even 3rd party tools are only skimming the surface. Good news is on the horizon. According to Marketing Land:

The analytics, otherwise named Insights (similar to Facebook’s own analytics), are going to provide some pretty detailed information, really arming marketers and other data junkies with information about their followers and posts.

  • Follower data will include age distribution, geographic distribution, gender distribution and follower activity by hour, among other data.
  • Top posts will display all images posted within a specified period (seven or 30 days) sorted by impressions.

Linkedin Has New Ads

Linkedin has rolled out several new, helpful new features to their ads platform. Each of the changes are mostly a copy of Facebook’s ads platform and features including the ability to save target profiles and social actions on sponsored content.

In not so good Linkedin news, A hacker is selling 117 million Linkedin logins on the Dark Web.