Instagram Changed More Than Their Logo: Weekly Social Media Round Up

The weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Instagram’s New Look and New Features


Every time a social network changes the look and feel of the site people bring out their digital pitchforks. That is especially true this week as Instagram rolled out their new look.

But Instagram updated more than just their logo this week. The new Dynamic ads are focused in on making Instagram a major player in the world of social commerce. As explained on their blog:

People come to Instagram to discover things they’re passionate about, and that includes content from businesses. In fact, 60% of users learn about products and services on Instagram. And 75% say they take action after being inspired by a post.† With its bold, mobile format, Instagram is an ideal channel to drive discovery and help shoppers experience your products. Using the carousel ad format, dynamic ads showcase multiple products so consumers can easily browse products in app.

Pinterest Brings Back Affiliate Links

This is great news for brands and influencers alike on Pinterest.

Pinterest had banned al affiliate links because of concerns about spam and other unsavory acts that happen in the world wide web. This made it a bit more difficult for brands to work with top influencers to drive sales and provide appropriate credit back to the source.

Almost exactly a year later, though, Pinterest says it decided to bring affiliate capabilities back because it has strengthened its spam technology enough to weed out bad behavior and it wants to reward its users.(Business Insider)

Amazon Media Company?

It seems everyone wants to compete with YouTube. Now even Amazon is getting to user-generated video.

Amazon launched their Video Direct Service this week. What makes their service different? Based on the website it seems they are focused on making sure their content providers are well compensated.


For each title, you can choose to earn royalties based on hours streamed by Prime members, a revenue share for rentals, purchases, monthly subscriptions, or ad impressions—or any combination of these options.


Make your titles available anywhere Amazon Video is available—U.S., Germany, Austria, UK and Japan—on all supported devices—Fire TV, phones, tablets, game consoles, Smart TVs and from the Web.


With performance metrics such as minutes streamed, number of subscribers, projected revenue, and payment history, you can optimize the way you offer and promote your titles.

How Do Facebook’s Trending Topics Get Featured?

That is a question that certain people following politics are asking. Facebook has recently been accused of be partisan. Zuckerberg says, Nah! and to prove it he released their policy on trending topics.

“Topics that are eligible to appear in the product are surfaced by our algorithms, not people,” Osofsky said. “This product also has a team of people who play an important role in making sure that what appears in Trending Topics is high-quality and useful. The guidelines demonstrate that we have a series of checks and balances in place to help surface the most important popular stories, regardless of where they fall on the ideological spectrum.”