Facebook’s Future: Social Media Round Up

Weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Facebook 2016 F8

This week was the Facebook F8 which is the event where we all get a glimpse into the future of Facebook and how our lives will be affected.

I was in a meeting during the event, but was able to follow along in real-time on Twitter (there may be some irony there).

Here is what I learned.


Facebook Livestreamed the presentation on their own platform, and to show off a bit, they added a drone.

Zuckerberg showed off his emerging “toys”

including some impressively frightening Virtual Reality

 Facebook Bots at Your Service

The big news that has a more immediate impact was Facebook Bots.

We will have “bots” within Facebook Messenger ready to provide for all our needs from getting a Uber car to taking a payment.

The easiest way to access the new Messenger bots is to use the latest version of Facebook’s messaging app on Android or iOS. If you don’t have one of these devices, you can still check out the bots thanks to the power of the PC.

For advertisers, this could be another opportunity to learn more about the needs of your audience and providing timely contextual retargeted advertisements.  According to TechCrunch:

Both Sponsored Messages and Click To Message ads could pull users into a conversation with a bot that can then try to sell them things. Imagine if instead of clicking an ad and then having to guide yourself around an unfamiliar e-commerce website, you could just tell the bot your preferences and it could show you relevant products you might want to buy.

Facebook at Work

One of the new features announced is good for all, but especially for people who are thinking of using Facebook at Work.

You can now seamlessly share files from dropbox within messenger.

Photos and videos will appear instantly in-chat, while the others will act as links to the Dropbox app (or, failing that, the web location, as if you’d shared it from your desktop). So Facebook won’t be hosting your sensitive PowerPoints and PDFs, just linking to them.

You will also be able to have video chats while navigating through other applications on your phone as opposed to having the video chat take up all the real estate on your phone.

With Video Chat Heads, you can talk to your friends from a smaller chat head instead of using your full phone screen. This allows you to continue a video call while you’re messaging other people, or – on Android – even while you are using other apps.


The future is coming at us fast. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.