Influencer Insights with Pam Wattenbarger of Simply Southern Mom

Influencers don’t always get started with stars in their eye or seeking a financial reward. Oftentimes, social media provides a way for people to stay connected with the rest of the world, and through those connections, the bonds that are formed and the new ideas that are generated, a social media influencer is born.

Here is Pam’s story:


What inspired you to start participating in social media?

When I began my first blog, I had recently quit my full-time job to be a stay at home parent. I found I missed the companionship and camaraderie of my co-workers and decided to connect with others online. Since that time I’ve connected with so many wonderful people and met amazing friends.  I’m thrilled whenever I am able to travel and meet my online friends.

What is the best opportunity that you have received since you started participating in social media?

I’ve had lots of great opportunities working with companies since I began blogging, but my favorite are the travel opps. Visiting the Riviera Maya last year and working on a Charlottesville Girlfriend’s Getaway with three of my best blogger friends this year have been the most fun.

What is the biggest challenge of having a voice on social media and how do you handle it?

I feel the biggest challenge is being authentic and gaining and keeping the trust of our followers. I try to share complete experiences, including the pros and cons, and work with companies I know and love or that would be a good fit for my family. When possible, because I know opinions can differ from one person to another, I like to add experiences from other family members and friends.

Any suggestions about what tech or social trends we need to be watching?

One trend I’ve been watching is live video streaming. I think this helps our fans get to know us and makes a personal connection. I also think it helps attract new viewers from all age ranges, but especially millennials and teens.

Social media is always changing, allowing me the opportunity to grow and change with the different stages of my life.

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