The Cruz Patrol

Ted Cruz wants to keep us safe by patrolling neighborhoods with a Muslim presence. My neighborhood is about 20% Muslim- I think. The thing is most Muslims are not wearing any sort of badge or acting in any different way for me to know they are Muslim. There are a number of Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhists in my neighborhood too. So, I guess the first step to the patrolling is either to have Muslims publicly identify that they are Muslim or to patrol many different neighborhoods like mine that are made of many different types of people. I am not comfortable with that.

And why would anyone want to do this? Oh – to keep us safe from those who want to kill us. There were over 3,000 mass shootings last year. 3 were by Muslims. Who is saving me from the others, mostly gun-wielding, self-proclaimed Christians? Should we be patrolling neighborhoods of people with gun owners?

This lack of understanding of what the ISIS and Terrorist crisis is and willingness to mark an entire group of people based on actions of a group is insane. We would never accept that for a group any of us belong to. Not all gun-owners are crazed killers. Not all pro-life people are planning to bomb or shoot up a clinic. Not all people with a mental health issue is planning on shooting up a Mall or Movie Theater. Why are we so willing to put all Muslims in a category.

Perhaps it is because most people only know Muslims via what they hear on the news or through the talking points of the Radical Right.

Here is a News Flash – the news only reports what sells and what sells is emotional content. The more emotional they can make the content, the more people will tune in and the more advertising the media outlet can sell. So they take an emotional story, like pretty white people being bombed by terroristic brown people, and they market the shit out of it. It has a theme, it is emotional, and it will keep you tuned in. Then the politicians come in and use those emotions to sway you to vote for them. Right now Cruz and Trump are trying to one-up each other on the extent they are willing to go to in order to keep Americans safe. But we are not safe. We are being killed – by other Americans, and not necessarily the brown ones. If there was really concern about safety – we would be talking a lot more about gun laws – not patrolling MY neighborhood because I live among the brown people.

This war with ISIS is not just a war of Muslims vs Christians. Within weeks of ISIS bombing Brussels, many Muslims were also killed in other countries of mostly brown people.12890882_10154723703323327_6731148473506450796_o The news did not report on that because that story does not sell. It would inform, but information is not the business of the news. Manipulating emotions is.

Before you let your emotions drive your beliefs and decisions and votes, try to understand who and what are making you feel the way you do and is there a vested interest for someone to manipulate your emotions. Look for other perspectives and other sources of information. It may not be the news media’s responsibility to make you an informed citizen of this planet – but it is yours.