Influencer Insights with Jonathan Looi from Travel Gear Reviews

There are many opportunities that are possible because of the social web that continues to fascinate me. Such as how the social web has democratized information distribution and jonathanlooiinfluence for people of all ages. Today I would like to introduce you to one of the youngest influencers we have worked with, Jonathan Looi.

Jonathan is a teen traveler and entrepreneur specializing in travel gear.

What inspired you to start participating in social media?

A few months prior to traveling around the world with my parents and sister, I decided to start a Twitter account to tweet about my travels and also connect with other travelers. At the time, my sister and mom already had Twitter accounts, so I was jumping in on the trend.

What is the best opportunity that you have received since you started participating in social media?

Ever since I’ve been on social media, I’ve been able to works with several brands. My first real experience was when I was 15. While in Ecuador, I was able to work with a tour company which I connected with on Twitter who helped us with some tours. It a really big eye opener for someone who was relatively new at the time and since then, I’ve been doing similar things and with brands on gear reviews.

What is the biggest challenge of having a voice on social media and how do you handle it?

Right now, there’s a lot of voices on social media and it’s always a challenge to stand out from the crowd and not get drowned out in the noise. I’ve been using a lot of photos and graphics recently, and it’s always important to post high quality, relevant content.

Any suggestions about what tech or social trends we need to be watching?

Video has always been huge in social media and I think that’s going to continue and grow, especially with Periscope, live streaming, etc. I think it’s super important for anyone who wants to become an influencer on social media to get good with video and learn some basic videography skills.

So what is in the future for you?

I’m heading to college this fall!
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