Instagram’s New Algorithm: Weekly Round Up

Our weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Instagram gets a Facebook-Like Algorithm

Instagram, a Facebook property, is rolling out a new algorithm that will sort the photos of the accounts you follow based on what the algorithm predicts you want to see as opposed to when they were posted.

You may not be experiencing this change on your account yet, the change is being rolled out slowly.

“We’re going to take time to get this right and listen to your feedback along the way. You’ll see this new experience in the coming months.”

This is a change that Instagram does need to be careful with. Many Facebook users, such as myself, often click the option to see the most recent posts of my friends first. The point of social media is timeliness. But at the same time Facebook and Instagram want to make sure users are getting more quality content that they are interested in so that they stay addicted…um…interested…in coming back for more.

Also, here is the first picture the Pope posted to his new Instagram account today.


Twitter gets a Facebook-Like Algorithm

Twitter has been struggling to get people to stay on the platform, so it is following the trend of showing users more of what they want to see vs what was just posted. It was an opt-in feature a month ago, but now it seems to be the default order of the timeline. Users can still opt-out. This is really tricky for Twitter which is known for being as real-time as it gets.

“Now that it’s default, some people aren’t happy about the change, taking to the service to express their frustration – but interestingly, those complaints are among only a handful of people that actually seem to have noticed.”

You Will Still Have to Keep Your Tweets Limited to 140 Characters

There was a rumor going around a couple of months ago that Twitter was going to expand the character limit. There really is no longer a need for the 140 character limit which was imposed when the platform was a mobile messaging platform for older cell phones. But the 140 characters is has defined the culture and character of Twitter. So naturally, users cried out against the change.

Our pleas were heard.

“There had been rumors that Twitter would expand its character limit in a bid to also expand its audience. But many have also pointed out that doing so might undermine the quick, free-flowing, real-time culture of the social network. Dorsey, at least from his comments, appears to agree with that.”

Video Ads Coming to Pinterest

Video ads are everywhere it seems and now they are coming to Pinterest.

“Pinterest had been considering how it could implement video ads for months. Promoted video pins are being tested among a small group of users, and internally at Pinterest, according to one source briefed on the tests. The source said that the videos employ an autoplay function that sets them in motion when a user stops scrolling over them. Pinterest is testing video ad length, according to sources.”

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