3 Content Management Tools You Have Not Heard Of

Part of my job is to constantly find and evaluate new tools. Not just so I can write this post for you each week, but so that I can make our work, and the work of the clients we coach, more efficient and effective. This week three little-known social media management tools picjumbo-com_hnck8404caught my attention as being quite useful, free or very low-cost, and easy to use.

Manage All Your Social Accounts and Images

MavSocial allows you to connect with the major social networks to monitor and post to them. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Linkedin. That is what first caught my attention, their list of supported networks includes a few that are not usually supported. With the success of social media being reliant on quality visuals and images, MavSocial has developed a resource to help you manage and organize your library of resources. They also have a stock photo library you can access as well as a built-in photo editing tool.

Find Engaging Content Related to Your Niche

PostPlanner  Focuses on helping their users identify and learn what type of content within your industry that gets the most engagement. The tool predicts, through a star rating system, what content will have high engagement.

Keep You Content Structured Properly For Various Purposes

Contentful is tackling the challenge of needed content to fit in a variety of devices. As we all know, all of our digital activity is moving to mobile. Digital marketers have for a long time thought about websites first when planning out that content. Today it is vital to think about mobile first.


Contentful makes your content accessible via APIs or Application Program Interface, which basically tells the content how it should be structured based on where the content will be displayed and what it will be used for.

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