3 Tools to Find Out if Your Content is Working

89aztb8e5hYou have a good looking site. You have gone through hours of meetings to make sure that your content tells your audience exactly what you want them to know. You have even launched a blog and consistently posting your thought-leadership.

Is it working? How do you know? Here are 3 tools that can help you answer that question.


MixPanel pricing starts are free and goes up based on how many data points you are measuring. It takes less than 10 minutes to integrate their tool into your website. Once you have the code in place, mixpanel will start analyzing the behavior of your audience. Are they sharing your content? What are the demographics of the people who are visiting your site from social media channels such as Twitter? Where, in the sales funnel,  are you losing customers?

Simple Reach

Want to know which content works best? Where you should focus on promoting your content? What you should write more about? Then you should look into SimpleReach which provides real-time and historical reports of how your content is performing on your site as well as on all third-party sites. This will guide your strategy to getting the most ROI on your content marketing.

Rival IQ

Are you keeping pace with your competition? Are they making moves you need to know about? With Rival IQ, not only can you compare your performance against your competition, you will also be alerted when they start making moves that you need to be aware of.