Who Should You Vote For?


I am not going to tell you which candidate to vote for. That is each person’s decision. But considering that many people have expressed that they are not thrilled with our choices this election, I am going to talk about my process and how I decide who to vote for.

First, you should vote. You have an opinion and you have a voice in the process and whether or not I agree with your opinion I do believe that your voice should be heard.

But who to vote for.

Don’t go by who you like as a person. The most evil people the world has ever seen have been the most charismatic people. You have to look beyond charisma. Also, you have to look beyond the words the people are saying because there is a big machine behind each candidate that helps each one learn exactly what their followers want to hear.

You have to try to understand the candidate’s motives and look at their record to decide who each candidate is. Once you do that you will see that none of the candidates are perfect and exactly in line with your thoughts and opinions.

So you have to decide which issues are most important to you and why and which candidates align with those issues. But the why is so important. I mean you really need to line up all the issues and prioritize them and understand the impact on your life. You may be against abortion, but does the abortion issue affect your personal life more than the economy? More than gun laws? More than your privacy rights? Are you willing to vote on an issue that impacts other people’s lives while ignoring issues that can destroy your own life?

Here is my biggest issue. I do not want the government telling people how to live their lives but I do want the government to protect the citizens from the greed of corporations. The greed that leads to poisoned drinking water or unethical business practices. I want laws that protect people from harming other people Рand from what I understand, corporations are people too. But I do not want laws that tell individuals what they can and cannot do with their lives. I want a government that provides an opportunity for all people. A government that is forward thinking and knows how to prepare us for the future. There is no perfect candidate for me, but there are candidates that are way off the mark. So I vote. I have been lucky enough to vote for a candidate that was aligned with my priorities and I have been and probably will be in a position to vote for the person the least far away from where I stand. But I vote.