YouTube vs. Facebook Video: The Showdown is On

unnamed-300x155For over 10 years, the Internet has been changing the way we access video content and in turning almost all of us into producers. As video has become more and more popular there have been more and more platforms where you can host and share your video, however, YouTube has reigned king for most of the years that online video has been available. Facebook thinks it’s time for a new King and is seeking the crown.

Videos, when produced well, are naturally far more engaging than text content reaching many of our senses and emotional buttons. Marketing budgets are now being sliced to give video content a greater share of the pie.

Facebook also wants a greater share of the video pie and it is in a great position to be a leader in video marketing.

Facebook has made moves to attract more and more videos to be shared on their platform by changing their algorithms to ensure that videos receive the highest organic reach. Videos get the highest organic reach on Facebook.

These videos do not have to be sought out by the community, they casually show up in the newsfeed along with pictures of family reunions and friends complaining about last night’s date.

More often than not the videos even start playing automatically in the news feed capturing people’s attention right away.

And if you want to share that video on a blog or website, a function that has served YouTube well over the years, Facebook now enables you to do so.

Where does that leave YouTube?

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is still considered the second largest search engine for people looking for specific content, right behind Google, the number 1 search engine which also displays results from YouTube.

This gives videos on YouTube the benefit of longevity to be found when there is a need. People are also on YouTube specifically to watch videos with 4 billion (with a b) videos being watched per day. While people are watching a video on one topic other videos related to the topic are being recommended, which not only drives views but connects viewers and producers who have similar interests.

So where should you market your video content? One can argue that there is no reason to not put your videos on both YouTube and Facebook. However, your strategy and expectations for YouTube and Facebook might need to be tailored differently for each of the platforms.

If your content is timely, fun, entertaining and engaging – it will work well on Facebook

If your content that is educational, informational, and evergreen think YouTube. However, YouTube is also good for timely, fun, entertaining and engaging but may not get the same organic reach as Facebook.