Influencer Insights with Dr. Cacinda Maloney of Points and Travel

Some people dream of traveling one day in their life. Dr. Cacinda spends her life traveling.

She has traveled every six weeks of her life for over 23 years. She has hiked to Machu dr_cacinda_maloney_1Picchu, galloped on camels at sunrise in Jordan, zip-lined through a rainforest in Mexico, rappelled a 100 foot waterfall in Costa Rica, kayaked in the Galapagos, sailed through Greece, marveled at the markets of Guatemala, danced with natives in Fiji, swam with sting rays in the Cayman Islands, dived with Sharks in Roatan, walked the streets of Jerusalem, Israel—just to name a few. She was recently chosen by Travelocity (an Expedia-owned company) to be one of their six travel ambassadors known as Travelocity Gnome to travel the world and write about her experiences.

Dr. Cacinda blogs at is a travel writer, blogger, photographer and social media influencer who also writes freelance articles.

Me: What inspired you to start participating in social media?
Dr. Cacinda: Social Media seemed like a natural progression of getting the word out about my extensive travel history and engaging with like-minded individuals around the world. I love interacting with others who also enjoy traveling the world and are inspired by its diversity, culture and the experiences it brings to their lives.
Me: What is the best opportunity that you have received since you started participating in social media?

Dr. Cacinda:  Oh wow!  There are so many.  I enjoyed meeting the power social media influencer Glen Gilmore, who is considered one of the top 50 influencers in the world by Forbes Magazine. By meeting him, I was able to be invited on one unforgettable trips thru the deserts of Jordan. Another would be meeting Senior VP David Brodie of Citizen PR by chance on an excursion in Mexico, which has also let to many other opportunities.

Me: What is the biggest challenge of having a voice on social media and how do you handle it?

The biggest challenge is getting your voice heard among the millions of voices out there.  I think the key for me is to just do my thing. Not worrying or paying attention to the other voices and just speaking naturally in social media like I would telling a best friend or my mother about the exciting things going on in my life regarding travel.

Dr. Cacinda: Any suggestions about what tech or social trends we need to be watching?

Instagram is huge and many people are jumping on the bandwagon. It is an easy social media platform to use and entices engagement through visual means. Since I am a visual learner and love images, for me it is perfect. So follow me on Instagram.

As far as social trends, people want their travel-related articles and information delivered to them fast and when they want it via the Internet. They will no long plunk down $5-10 for travel magazines to flip through, when they can get exactly what they want online via a Google search, so the trend for travelers is to search online for the travel information they need, with everything from booking a trip, to making room reservations, finding things to do and see, as well as where to eat.