Social Media Improvements Making Life Easier: Social Media Round Up

Our weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Twitter Timeline 2.0

Last week there was a lot of over-reacting about the possibility of a complete Twitter overhaul that would turn Twitter into basically a Facebook Lite. pexels-photo

Well, Twitter is continuing to tweak its platform, as all social media platforms do, hence why I write a weekly roundup, but the tweaks are not earth shattering.

What changed?

It’s going to start showing some tweets at the very top of your stream out of sequence—interesting ones that got tweeted since the last time you logged in and when you didn’t happen to be perusing the service. “We know this is a problem,” says Haq. “Leaving Twitter means missing great stuff.”

Some of you may be thinking, “I thought it already did that.” Yep – it did. It is simply an update of the “While You Were Away” feature.

You Can Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts without Logging Out

That cheering sound you heard was not from the big game. It was the sound of millions of social media managers cheering about being able to switch from one account to another on Instagram.

You can now add up to 5 Instagram accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in. This is included on version 7.15 for iOS and Android

Also in Instagram news,  you can now see how many people are watching your videos on Instagram.

Based on its internal data, Instagram said that in the past six months, the amount of time people spent watching videos on the service has increased by more than 40 percent.

Facebook Adds Automated Captioning Tool

As you scroll through your Facebook feed you see videos. Videos have become a big deal on Facebook. You see them automatically playing, but you cannot hear them unless you turn the sound on. The advice long given is to add captions to the video. That will be a lot easier to do now.

The social network said the automated marketing tool would roll out globally to Ads Manager and Power Editor users in the coming week.

Do You Really Need to Buy Commercial Time During the Big Game?

Probably not if you have a good digital game plan. There were 119 million viewers of the Superbowl. Adweek released 9 eye-opening stats this week including how an ad on Snapchat got 100 million views.