How to Cut Through Social Media Noise

Whether you are trying to build a network on social media or IRL (in real life), the first step is to know the type of people you want to meet and get to know as well as where to go to meet them.

Although there are many wonderful people in the world, when it comes to business networking,  you need to stay focused. In some ways, social media makes staying focusedcommunity difficult because there is a lot of noise as well as a lot of interesting conversations that can cause your attention to stray.

In other ways, social media makes staying focused easier because you can search for the exact people who want to meet, eavesdrop on their public conversations and know a bit about them before you even introduce yourself.

As you evaluate your online social networks, if you see that you have lost your focus or need to continue to grow your network, these tools will help.

Organize Your Followers Twitter and Instagram

SocialRank enables you to filter your followers by keywords in their bio,  or the hashtags they use as well as their location and the number of followers they have. You can import your existing followers and sort them into lists.

SocialRank continues to make improvements to the platform. The latest blog hints at new features to be able to sort your followers based on how engaged they have been with you and in what context.

Clean Up Your Twitter Account

If you have been on Twitter for awhile you may be followers some abandoned accounts or think you are still participating in a conversation with the accounts who have left the room. You can clean that up with Tweepi. Tweepi also helps you connect with the network of networks by seeing you is following the contacts you are following.

Track Followers and Unfollowers on Pinterest

Pinterest has not been the most open platform for third-party developers, but there is an app on iTunes called Followers Lite that works pretty well for tracking who is following you on Pinterest, who is not, and who has recently unfollowed you.

Engage with Existing Contacts

You may already have several contacts within your CRM that you want to network with and get to know better but you are not sure which social networks they hang out on and what name they use. That is where Nimble comes in.

Nimble software easily imports all of the basic contact information from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, Google+, phone, email, and more. But then Nimble goes above and beyond. The Nimble Contact Management solution goes to another level, augmenting each Contact Record with richly detailed information across social channels. You gain insights about the people in your network—to drive deeper social media relationships and more profitable campaigns.

Do you have any other social media management tools you would recommend? Let us know in the comments.