Live Streaming is Everywhere: Social Media Round Up

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Everyone Can Now Livestream on Facebook

As long as you have an iPhone that is.

Facebook first allowed celebrities to live stream, and then the media. If you follow sites like Mashable you might have noticed that alerts that pop up letting you know that there is a live stream happening. In December Facebook started testing the capability with select everyday people. This week it opened up for everyone — everyone with an iPhone.  Well, now your friends, family, neighbors, and old classmates can start sharing their live thoughts and events with you.

To start a live broadcast, tap on your update status icon, then select the live video icon. From there, just type a quick into on what you’re broadcasting, and select the audience you wish to reach.

GoPro Live Action on Periscope

Back in the day when Periscope was competing with Meerkat for attention, Meerkat landed a nice deal to live stream video from GoPros, the small, durable cameras that can go where no other cameras have gone before, which makes for some exciting videos.

It seems that the Meerkat/GoPro deal was not exclusive because this week Periscope, which is now owned and integrated into Twitter, announced its deal with GoPro. Again, as long as you have an iPhone.

For iPhone users, the Periscope app will recognize a connected GoPro and give the option to broadcast from that device instead of using the phone camera.

Twitter Launches Pre-Roll Video Ads

Twitter has been following in the footsteps of YouTube, first by having a revenue share program with video producers with 6-second pre-roll video ads. Now they are enabling longer pre-roll ads that are skippable.

Twitter takes 30 percent of the ad revenue from the program and gives 70 percent to the creators, according to sources, a more favorable deal than what’s available with YouTube or Facebook. The generous terms are meant to draw more quality video content to the service, and some partners said they are seeing success there.

SnapChat is Going Through Changes

This is leaked information and should be taken as such, but is seems that SnapChat is integrating some of the functionality of the popular messaging apps.

While the images certainly seem to suggest Snapchat is experimenting with a new design, it doesn’t necessarily mean these are features that will roll out to the public anytime soon. It’s also possible that the company will add these features, but with a design that looks very different from these images.

SnapChat continues to grow which means it will continue to look for ways to make money which starts with making their app more useful to more people.

This week Snapchat made it easier to find and add people with Profile URLs. You can find me at (remember to be on a mobile device with a snapchat app).

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