5 Free Tools for an Effective Social Media Audit

here are some practices in social media that never change such as you need to create valuable content and be engaging. However, other practices such as when you post and which platforms you use, whether or not you should use photos, video or text and how much text you should use, who to target in your ads, how much your ad spend should be and what your ads should focus on – these are all ever-changing variables that can have a negative impact on how successful your social media efforts can be.

Tactics that worked six months ago may no longer yield positive results. Best practices and the effectiveness of different social channels will continue to change over time. Your marketing strategy needs to respond to these changes. This is why every so often you should take some time to do a social media audit of what is working and what is not and compare your performance to that of your competition. Here are 5 tools that will help you do just that. 

Fanpage Karma – If you really only want to explore one tool, I would recommend Fanpage Karma. Based in Berlin the site has various paid versions which you can try with their 14-day trial or you can settle for their free version which still provides quite a bit of insight into your account compared competition’s account on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Here is a snapshot of a Facebook comparison.


Likalyzer – Wondering how your Facebook page is performing and where you can make an improvement, you can ask Likalyzer. Not all of the recommendations are up-to-date. For example, it suggests using hashtags which have been revealed to not only not help but may hurt your post. Likalyzer will provide valuable information such as how engaged your fans have been and how responsive to your fans you have been.

Twitonomy – For a quick snapshot of what types of tweets you are sending out and who you are most engaged with, check out Twitonomy.



TweepsMap – If you are focused on engaging with people within a specific location, you can audit your progress with TweepsMap. You can also dive in and see which of your the accounts you are following have been inactive for 6 months or are not following you back and unfollow directly from the site.

FollowWonk – Who are you following? Who is your competition following? You can find out and compare notes with FollowWonk.