Snapchat is Growing Up: Social Media Round Up

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Is Snapchat Growing Up?

Teens are not going to be happy about this, but grown-ups are starting to use Snapchat too.

Last week the Wallstreet Journal became the latest brand on the Snapchat Discover channel, which made me do a double-take. And then the White House began their official account, which made some sense considering young voters are one of the largest voting blocks now. But Mashable writes that kids are starting to discover their parents are now getting the hang of Snapchat.


And the app just keeps on growing. According to Fortune

Snapchat users view, in aggregate, more than 7 billion videos through the ephemeral photo and video sharing app per day.

Twitter Integrating Livestreaming from Periscope

If you are using the iOS Twitter app you no longer need to jump to a Periscope app to watch live streaming video, the video will stream right from your Twitter app. Android and Web applications will be rolled out soon. You still need the Periscope app to create live streaming. However as reported by Venture Beat:

Twitter has begun taking steps to better integrate Periscope into its core app.

All of this means that you no longer need to have Periscope installed on your phone to watch what someone is broadcasting. Whether it’s video coming from the Golden Globe awards, a major news event, or perhaps even Twitter’s next earnings conference call, the viewing experience has been streamlined so you can easily participate in the conversation — or so the company hopes.

Instagram will Feature Live Events

If you were in the Explore section of Instagram during Sunday night’s Golden Globes you may have noticed a lot of Instagram photos of the event coming through. You can expect more of that during other big events coming up. Fortune reports that:

A small team of Instagram employees are in charge of curating the videos that appear in those streams, according to the report. For the college football championship, the videos will include content from ESPN, from the colleges, and from fans. The curated stream will be available for viewing for 24 hours only starting at 5:30 p.m. PST, according to a company spokesman.

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