How to schedule your social media posts so you can go on vacation

It is that time of year again where we check out of work for food, fun, family, and friends. Even if some of us are still trekking into the office, we are using this slow time to reflect, organize, plan. It is a great time of year.

If you’re responsible for creating and posting content on your social media sites, this is not the time to stop posting. Your audience is online still and have some time to consider your content. If you are a travel company, people are looking to make vacation plans right now. If you are a nonprofit, people are writing checks for the end-of-the-year giving. If you are a retail store, well, you are busy and not taking any time off right now, but still need to keep up with you social media postings.

So how do you keep your social content working throughout the end of the year? You schedule it.

There are a variety of great scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social, but to get the full use of them there is a cost involved. Today I want to show you free tools to schedule your social media posts which for the most part is right on the native platform.

Schedule Your Posts on Facebook

This one is so easy. Simply write the post on the page as you normally would and then instead of clicking publish, click the arrow next to the publish button and schedule your post for a select day and time.


Once you schedule your post you will see it on your page as a scheduled post and can click the “See post” link to edit it if needed. Only page admins can see this on the page.


Schedule Your Posts on Twitter

Twitter hides this feature and they also need to provide the ability to see what posts are scheduled and edit them, but overall you will want to use Twitter to not only schedule your tweets and photos but also your Twitter Cards.

In the top left, go to Twitter Ads. You are not creating an ad, this is just where the scheduling feature is hidden.


Under creative select Tweets. Once I am there I have the option to compose a tweet and attach a Twitter card to it. Or I can simply compose a tweet, which is what I will do for this example. I included a link to a blog post and a photo and under the scheduling tab, I was able to select a day and time for the tweet to be published.


Schedule Your Posts on Instagram

To schedule post on Instagram, you do need a third party app. The one we use is from Crowdfire. You can schedule your post at a select time or you can let Crowdfire select the day and time to post your content based on your follower’s behavior. This app will also recommend hashtags for you.