5 Tools To Help You Reach Your Goals

As 2015 is coming to a close many of us are starting to think about our 2016 goals.

They may be personal goals such as lose weight, business goals such as developing 3 new shutterstock_111541157offerings, marketing goals such increasing qualified sales leads by 300%.

A goal is only a hope if you don’t create an action plan that allows you to take action to reach your goals. Here are 5 tools that can help you craft your action plans.

1. GoalEnforcer -Visualize your Goals and Achieve your Dreams!

A visual goal planning software that can help you plan, get focused and accomplish goals. You have the ability to color code your goals and rearrange them simply by dropping and dragging.

2. Goalscape – Simplify Life

Goalscape provides visual tracking of all the complex parts of reach a goal and allows you to assign a value of importance to each task.

3. GoalsOnTrack – A Systematic Approach to Achieving More by Doing Less

GoalsonTrack enables you to create SMART goals, prioritize tasks, and track the time and journals your progress.

4. LifeTick – Start Achieving Your Dreams Today

LifeTick is very similar to GoalsOnTrack but is positioned to work with groups of people including families or students.

5. Goal-Buddy – Get a Goal Buddy for Motivation, Accountability, and Results

There is lots of advice out there that says the best way to achieve your goals it to make yourself accountable to someone else. Goal-Buddy helps you do just that by helping you set your goals, list out the tasks, and then find a buddy to be accountable to.