3 Online Fundraising Ideas

You do not need to be a millionaire to make a difference in the community.

Many nonprofits are well aware that every small donation can make a big difference and by the end of the year that those small gifts add up. A 2014 report by Network for Good highlights:

  • Overall giving rose 3% from prior year.
  • 3% of annual giving occurred in the month of December.
  • 12% of annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year.
  • Donations made on “Giving Tuesday” rose 148% from 2013.

Today I would like to highlight a few tools that can help bring in some of those online donations.

Have an Online Auction

Qtego enables your organization to host an online silent auction, providing a soups to nuts donate-online-1solution from creating the event, managing registrations, and processing the bids.

An online auction is a win-win to connect with new donors who will be more willing to give money when there is a tangible reward. It is also a great way to work with some of your corporate donors who can get visibility for donating the auction items.

Rally Around a Goal

update: Tilt is now part of AirBnB and no longer accepting campaigns.

Oftentimes a donor wants to know what their money will be spent on. They want to see their donations in action. That is when a platform such as Tilt can come in handy.

With Tilt your organization can set a financial goal that will pay for a specific opportunity. Your supporters will then pledge their donations knowing that their credit card will not be billed unless you collect all the money set in your goal. The benefit to that is if your donors really want to see the opportunity funded, they will go from donor to advocate rallying for more of their friends, family, and peers to support your organization.

Support a Dream for a Chance to Win a Dream

One of the benefits of being able to give a large donation is you get invited to meet some big stars or be a part of some exciting events. At least that is what I hear. Omaze thinks that if everyone is able to make a difference in their community, even with a $10 donation, why shouldn’t everyone who gives has a chance to meet a big star or be a part of a great event. By getting your organization on the Omaze platform, you can enable your supporters to win great experiences such as the ultimate nerd weekend with Stephen Colbert and J.J. Abrams.

If you would like to discuss how to create a social media campaign around these tools, call us for a free consultation.