5 Tools to Help with Collaboration

59-1Whether you are planning a new strategy, a shopping trip,  or need to collaborate about family vacations and gatherings, these 5 tools can help you gather and organize all the ideas on the table.

Basic, Easy to Use Mind Map

If you need to make sure that learning a new tool does not get in the way of your collaboration, consider Text2MindMap. Each team member writes a thought which became a new node. To start a  new branch of nodes, your team just needs to know how to hit the tab button. Easy.

Visually Collaborate

Sometimes you need to share ideas with pictures. Think about if you are planning the black Friday shopping, you may want pictures of the gifts that are on the list to buy to make sure the right item is purchased and no one has to stand in the return line. To get visual, look into Popplet which allows you to upload images and videos.

Manage the Team Input

Some team collaboration efforts need a bit more structure based on parameters set by a team leader. That is when you should look into GroupMap. GroupMap also enables you to get input from the quieter team members who seem to get drowned out by the more vocal team members.

Mapping Your Meeting Notes

LucidChart has easy to use shortcut features that allow a team member to create a mind map as the people in the room are talking. It also plays nice with Google Apps.

Mind Mapping On The Go

You see a piece of art, it inspires you to think through your next project, your mindmap it on the phone and send it to the cloud. Then you hear your favorite song, it inspire you to think through how you are going to pitch that project, so you create another mind map on the same phone you are listening to that great song on and you send it to the cloud. You can do all of that with MindNode.