5 Tools to Find Your Influencers

Working with content creators who influence your buyers, or potential buyers is as old as one of the oldest jobs in the world, Public Relations. What has changed, and continues to rapidly evolve every day, is the way your buyers are influenced.

Long, long ago the idea of influencing a person to buy a product or service was to appeal to the logical side of problem-solving. This is where the idea that if you build a better mousetrap, people will buy it. That is so not true. I have seen so many great mouse traps fail because their message did not appeal to the idea of who people wanted to be and who they wanted to connect to.

The technique of appealing to who people want to be, to their ego was successfully implemented and popularized by Edward Bernays, nephew of  Sigmund Freud. There is a wonderful documentary about how he revolutionize PR called Century of Self. His main philipmorristechnique was to show the audience a personality or lifestyle that they strived for and then tied the brand to having that personality and lifestyle. (Image is of the Torches of Freedom campaign)

Today, that idea has evolved and I would like to think is becoming a bit more authentic as people are turning to real people for advice and insights as opposed to striving to be like actors portraying an imagined life. Many of these real people have positioned themselves on social media as curators, advisors, or tastemakers and they have developed a large following. These people are the new and ever-growing influencers that brands must learn how to work with. But first, you need to identify who they are. Below are 5 tools that will help with just that.

Find Influencers and Manage Your Relationship with Them

GroupHigh is a paid Search tool and CRM for finding influencers, measure their reach and level of engagement and managing your ongoing relationship with them.

Connect With Influencer in Your Area

If you are looking to see if there are any influencers in your town or coming to your area within a specific date, check out BloggerBridge, a paid blogger search tool that tracks where and when bloggers are traveling to.

Offer Perks to Influencers

You may know about Klout for measuring your own level of influencer, but Klout also offers a service for businesses to find and connect with influencers who would be the best fit to review your brand.

Build a Community of Influencers

Kred started off similar to Klout from an Influencers perspective, but from the brand side, the goal is to help you build a site the serves as a community of ambassadors for your brand.

Listen and Connect

Hey, we think all the tools above are great or we would not have listed them, but sometimes the best way to find your influencers is to listen to the chatter and connect with the conversations within the native platform such as Twitter and Instagram.