Visual Search and Virtual Reality: Social Media Roundup

I am a day late writing the weekly roundup. Needed a day to pause, as I assume many of us did.

12246738_10153135573020906_6450787692358268045_nBanksy created a wonderful “Peace for Paris” tribute that immediately resonated with people across the web.

Today I debated about whether or not to write my weekly roundup. I looked through the news that I have saved and it just did not seem to matter this week.

And then I saw something that made me smile. It is just a little plugin created to make a statement.

This new Chrome extension replaces ‘terrorist’ with ‘coward’ on the Web

“Terrorists are cowards. That is what they should be called,” states the description of the extension.”

OK. Technology – that is the focus. What happened this week in social technology.

So first on the list is the important question is that really a celebrity on your snapchat stories?

Snapchat secretly implemented celebrity verification in its latest update

“It’s also useful for weeding out fake accounts or people with the same name from the person you’re looking for, which is why Twitter has been using them for several years. It’s been a long time coming for Snapchat, but it’s a welcome addition.”

In Facebook, news this week, you can now ask, with your voice, a question about a photo and through Artificial Intelligence and you will receive an audible response. So there is that.

In other visual news, if you have ever been searching through Pinterest and saw something in the background or on the side of the photo that you wanted to know more about, you can now tap and select that image and use Pinterest’s new search tool to find more pins about that particular item.

When images go from 2D to 3D you are able to venture into Virtual Reality, which takes us back to Facebook.

“In September, Facebook rolled out a video creation tool that let publishers and brands like Vice and Mountain Dew post 360-degree clips organically to their pages. Now that tool has been wrapped into a new ad format that shows up as sponsored posts in newsfeeds. “