Top 4 Tools for Managing Your Twitter Community

The number one question I hear regarding Twitter is “how do I manage all that?”

Twitter can be a noisy place where people are coming and going and you are not always sure which accounts are managed by real people, who is really paying attention to you and who you really should be paying attention to.

Below are 4 of my favorite tools that help me cut through all the clutter and find the real people I want to connect with. Each of these sites has a free version that you can start using right out of the gate.

Just Unfollow

JustUnfollow is now Crowdfire and is the Twitter management tool I have used the longest because of how straightforward it is. I use this tool when I just want to jump in and see what inactive accounts I need to clean out of my followers list, and who has recently followed me. It will also show you accounts you are following but are not following you back and anyone who has recently unfollowed you.


Identifying the Zombies

Unfollowers (now statusbrew) is quite similar to crowdfire but with a few more bells and whistles including a feature that analyzes the behavior of the twitter accounts you are following to weed out those that may not be managed by a live person.


Another favorite feature of this account is the ability to search for people to follow, not only based on keywords but also filter based on the age of the Twitter account and the number of followers that the account currently has.


My third favorite feature of the many features of this site is the ability to monitor the activity of a competing or complimentary account.


The site does have a number of automation opportunities, but be careful about what you automate. You don’t want your account to turn into a zombie.

The Best Time to Post

ManageFlitter also has many of the same features mentioned above. What makes ManageFlitter special is the ability to analyze your account to enable you to post at an optimal time when your community is paying attention. There is a lot of data out there that tells you when the best time to post is, but that data is based on the aggregate information. When possible (and it is almost always possible) look at the behavior of your followers and adjust to that as opposed to the big data of the platform. 


Community Management has many bells and whistles for community management which may be exactly what you need or more than you need. The most uniquely useful feature is the alerts/recommendations to engage based on the tool monitoring your brand and keywords related to lead generation.

screen_shot_2015-11-10_at_8-48-49_am screen_shot_2015-11-10_at_8-50-30_am

The site also allows you to focus on the top influencers in your community.


There are also a number of automated responses you can set up. But once again, you should not “call in” your engagement or you might get tagged as a Zombie.