Reddit Documentaries, Local Facebook Ads, and Video: Social Media Roundup

The weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

I did not catch a lot of news about social media changes this week, perhaps it is a calm screen_shot_2015-11-07_at_10-07-14_ambefore a storm of changes.

Of course, Facebook was in the news, but today I want to start with what I think was the coolest bit of news.

Reddit as a Documentary Channel

I love documentaries. I learn so much from watching them. Then I hang out with my 21-year-old son and we talk about the issues I learned about in the documentary and he often shares with me what he knows about the issues based on what he read on Reddit. So, when I read “Reddit Expands to Feature Original Video with the Launch of its First Documentary Series”  it felt like when two really good friends that you love dearly tell you they are dating each other.

Facebook Getting More Local

So you are walking down the street, doing your Christmas shopping at local businesses. You look at your phone, checking Facebook while waiting in line, and there is an ad for the restaurant right across the street. That is convenient. And that is exactly what Facebook is enabling.

“Starting in the U.S. on Thursday, Facebook will provide marketers with more information about the people in the vicinity of their stores, including what percentage of those passersby may have seen the brand’s ad on Facebook and other insights into foot traffic trends. And to push more of that foot traffic into stores, the company is giving brands new ways to tailor their ads when people are nearby.”

In other Facebook news, people are now watching 8 Billion videos a day on Facebook, which is double what the video views were in April.

YouTube Adding More Incentives

YouTube started as the place you go to for funny videos, viral videos, and then how-to videos, and music videos. Rapidly YouTube has taken the place of our television entertainment. I had America’s Funniest Home Videos and MTV (which played music videos) when I was growing up, my kids had YouTube. Now it seems YouTube is growing up more by adding features for news channels and providing big incentives to attract big publishers.

“Called the YouTube Embedded Player Pilot, it’s a new service for news companies that allows more control over the YouTube player embedded on their own sites so they can build their own audiences and sell ads on original content.It gives news publishers full control over the embedded version of YouTube videos uploaded onto their own channels. Publishers will get control over the ads that are loaded, sales rights and revenue share.”

No one Likes the New Twitter Heart

You know it is a slow news week when there are so many articles about something as silly as Twitter changing their star which was a way to favorite a tweet to a heart that means you like a tweet.

Twitter is making lots of moves and this week they made a move to make the button that you push to endorse content consistent with Periscope and other social networking sites.