Notifications, Twitter ROI, and Snappy Content: Weekly Social Media Roundup

Weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

tEREUy1vSfuSu8LzTop3_IMG_2538Let’s start with a friendly reminder that you need to turn your clocks back (Fall back) one-hour tonight. Have you ever wondered why we change our clocks? Read CNN’s report Myths and truths about Daylight Saving Time. 

In social media news, let start with our favorite, ever- changing platform.

Facebook Notifications

The notifications tab on your iOS and Android app will begin to act more like your personal assistant, or a calendar app, reminding you of events, friends activities, and what is on your schedule for the day.

“In addition to interest-based cards and ones with news from friends — like life events and birthday reminders — there are series of location-based reminders. If you have RSVPed to an event, you could see a reminder prior to the event letting you know when you should leave in order to arrive on time. Or if a friend from out of town visits your city, you may get an alert letting you know he or she is nearby. You might also see information about new movies playing in theaters nearby.”

Facebook Removes the “Other” Inbox

You may not have even known you had an “other” inbox. It was where messages from people you were not connected to usually ended up. Probably messages you never wanted to see anyway. It will be replaced with Message Requests.

“Within 10 days, Facebook will roll out Message Requests. It works a lot like the Other inbox, except you can actually find it. Cooler still, even though any one of the 1.49 billion people on Facebook can initiate a conversation, you’ll be able to control whether they can do it a second time.”

In other social media news, which is still Facebook…

Instagram is expanding Self Service Ads with Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads allow the advertiser to showcase multiple images. Facebook rolled them out about a year ago. Now they are rolling it out on Instagram.

“Since launching carousel ads in June, businesses have found unique and compelling ways to tell their brand story to help increase awareness and drive affinity. On average, Instagram carousel campaigns have performed better for ad recall than single photo campaigns, driving an additional 2.5 point lift in ad recall”

Now for social media /non-Facebook news

Twitter wants to show you an ROI

Twitter has been getting banged up a bit about their potential earnings. To increase earnings, they need to sell more ads. To sell more ads they need to show the ROI of that ad spend. And that is their goal with the conversion lift report.

“Twitter has finally put together a system that allows advertisers to receive a “conversion lift report” following an ad campaign. Twitter will segment an advertiser’s target audience into two groups — a control group and a group that sees the ads — and measures the impact an ad has on conversions.”

Who’s Tweeting About You?

And is Twitter even relevant to your brand? Again, Twitter wants to make sure that you are aware how relevant, so they launched Brand Hub. And if no one is tweeting about you, but about your competitors, you will know that too, with TrueVoice.

“We’ve developed TrueVoice, a new metric only available within Brand Hub to help advertisers track their share of conversation in real time. The share of conversation empowers marketers to learn more about the conversation happening about their brand on Twitter — in fact, research has shown that Tweets that mention brands have been linked to a direct increase in sales.”

Slow-Down the Snaps

Or speed it up, or rewind it. Snapchat continues to add new features to help you get snappy with your content.

“Speed Modifiers are only the latest of several features Snapchat is using to spice up the endless selfies and random moments people share. With a business model focused around ads, Snapchat has to keep people coming back to watch as much content as possible.”

Did I miss anything? If so, let me know in the comments.