How to Create GIFs That Keep on Giving

GIFs have been around longer than most of us have been on the Internet. In fact, invented in 1987, they have been around longer than some of my team members have been alive. Facebook, and now Instagram are giving GIFs a new hype cycle recently since GIFs.

You can now use a GIF in your Facebook profile picture and GIF images are supported on all profiles and pages.

Instagram just launched an app called Boomerang that allows you to take a burst of 5 photos and turn them into a fun back and forth GIF.

GIFs can give photos a little Harry Potter magic on regular photos that accompany news and they are a fun way to show off your brand’s personality. Here are a few tools you can use to create your own GIF.


The above GIF was created with GIPHY which is a fairly easy tool to use. You can upload a video or add the link to a video that is hosted on the web, tell GIPHY what time point you would like to start your GIF within the video and how long you want your GIF to be. Once your GIF is created you can download it or link to it from the GIPHY account. Oh, and that is my son on the drums…

EZGIF is another cool online tool that not only allows you to create GIFs but to edit them and add various effects. The GIF below is the cold, rainy weather that is currently outside my window. But with the effects tool, I made it seem a bit more-windy than what it actually is.




Happy GIFing