Facebook’s Universal Search, Instagram GIFS, Twitter Polls, and more: Weekly Social Media Roundup

Weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

screen_shot_2015-10-24_at_2-39-53_pmOf course, the most important news of the week is Star Wars tickets went on sale. I have my tickets for 7 p.m. on opening day!

But there was quite a bit of interesting social media news this week too. Such as…

Is Facebook draining your iPhone battery?

If you are an iPhone user frustrated with the limited life of your battery, Facebook may have been to blame. But no worries, it’s all good now.

Is Facebook Advertising worth the money?

According to a new report from eMarketer…Yes!


In fact, it seems Facebook may even be gaining on Google.

Facebook Universal Search

You know, sometimes I wonder if I should call these weekly roundups Facebook news briefs.

But in other Facebook news, it seems Facebook wants in on more of Google’s territory, as in search.

Facebook is indexing it’s 2 trillion (yes with a T) posts and unleashing universal search.

“Because we’ve indexed the entire world’s conversations, we tell you things that are trending, things that are breaking, what’s happening right now,” says Rousseau Kazi, a product manager on Facebook’s search team. “The whole idea here is that if you can group these pieces of content in certain ways, it makes it pretty easy to get the full story.”

If that make you nervous, perhaps take some time to check your privacy settings and make sure embarrassing posts are marked as private. Or better yet, don’t ever post anything anywhere on the Internet that you consider private.

Instagram Boomerang

A new app was launched, called Boomerang, which allows you to take photo bursts creating GIF images.

“Boomerang follows the strategy of Instagram’s previous standalone apps Hyperlapse (time-lapses) and Layout (collages). If it succeeds too, Boomerang could further help spice up Instagram’sfive-year-oldd feed.”

Twitter Polling and Moments

Twitter polling is being rolled out to all users.  So many questions, so many opinions, so many ideas of how  to implement this new feature. Unfortunately, the polling feature has not reached us yet. But follow us on Twitter and soon we can have all kinds of fun.

Twitter is also rolling out promoted Moments.

“Promoted Moments will have all the features of a Moment you see right now, and instead of curators creating the moment, it’ll be a brand,” said Matt Derella, Twitter’s vice president of revenue for North America. “The real estate they get is going to be really prominently displayed.”

If you have a compelling story to tell on Twitter you can now bring all the pieces together.

“It’s not enough to create great stories with Tweets. We also want to enable you to showcase those stories in engaging ways across all the devices your users are using.Today we’re releasing a rich new responsive grid display which you can use to embed your stories on any site or app.”