Do You Know About These 7 Facebook Features?

It seems in almost every weekly roundup I am writing about a new Facebook feature.  For today’s #TuesdayTools I decided to round up a few to look into.

Facebook Instant Articles 

Instant Articles is available currently on iPhone and caters to publishers who want to instantly publish interactive and immersive articles that include the ability to zoom into high-resolution photos and embedded audio captions.

Just yesterday, it was announced that everyone on iPhone can read thousands of Instant Articles from their favorite publishers on that app.


Facebook’s News App –  Notify 

Instant Article pairs nicely with a new app that we anticipate will be launched any day now. Notify is Facebook’s  news-breaking application.

Facebook Video and 360 Video 

If you have been paying attention at all the past year or more you would have noticed that Facebook is heavily investing in their video platform. Part of that investment is their recent launch to be able to host 360 Video enabling viewers to be immersed in the content.


Facebook Lead Ads 

Facebook Lead Ads is one of Facebook’s last ways to make sure marketers are connecting with customers. By providing a simple way for people for fill out forms on their mobile devices, which is where the majority of the world accesses Facebook now, businesses can now create ads that interested users are able to click, be presented with a form that has pre-filled information about themselves, and submit it to the business.


Facebook Moments

Facebook has introduced an app that provides a private way to share photos with friends called Moments. Moments also uses Facebook’s facial recognition technology so you can quickly group your photos based on who is in them.

Facebook Mentions

With Facebook Mentions, public figures are able to see what their fans are saying about them and enables them to join the conversations. So if you get a comment from Taylor Swift, it may not be someone playing a trick on you. Also, similar to a Reddit AMA, Mentions allows public figures to host live Q&As.

Facebook Notes

When I first heard Facebook Notes I thought “What am I missing? Notes is old news.” Apparently, Facebook is giving Notes a new life making it look more like a well designed long form blog post.

Facebook continues to move fast and bring new services to its members every day. If you are still just updating your status, you may be missing out on some great opportunities to connect.