Emotions, Boomerang, and Revenue: Weekly Social Media Roundup

Our weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

First my apologies for not sharing last week’s weekly roundup. Sensei Project was rounding up some of our favorite social media influencers and showing them around the great city of Atlanta. A tour that garnered stories reaching over 4 million people. Yeah….we had fun. You can see the highlights here.

But there’s some great news to round up this week.

Like or Dislike it, you won’t be able to give it a thumbs-down on Facebook. To express varied emotions Facebook is testing their emoji buttons


Have you taken a moment to discover Twitter moments?  Beyond what is trending on Twitter which highlights what most people are talking about, Moments is more about curating news stories.

“Moments will fall into five total categories, including “Today,” “News,” “Sports,” “Entertainment” and “Fun.” 

It is de ja vu all over again. Remember when Apple brought Steve Jobs back to save Apple. Twitter is trying that card trick by bringing back founder Jack Dorsey

Another Twitter change in the works is that the 140 character limit may be extended

And here is some breaking news!

“Now, all publishers and creators will have the option to monetize their great video content on Twitter

 You can click to buy, pin to buy, tweet to buy. It seems all social networks are now enabling the immediate call to action to make a purchase. Now even YouTube is rolling out a new ad product that will allow any video to become “shoppable. 

YouTube, which is this generation’s MTV, is now looking at other revenue models to capture the hearts of music fans.

“Google’s video site appears to be finalizing launch plans for its long-in-the-making subscription service, and industry sources say they’ve been told to expect a launch near the end of October.”