Image is Everything! Finding Pictures that Tell a Story

In this of rapid information flying at us from every direction, it is vital that communicators are careful to craft a compelling message, nay a story, that can cut through the noise and resonate with their audience.

The best way to do that is through imagery. And the best images are able to tell a story all on their own.

Take this picture.


There are many stories that a pair of dirty worn out shoes can tell. When Communities In Schools  of Georgia paired that image with a bit of text that read, 

Did you know many students will come to school hungry, homeless, ill-clothed or lacking basic medical care? Teachers are overwhelmed by their level of need. In fact, a poll this summer of teachers nationwide found that last year alone, 54% of teachers used their own money to help feed students and 49% of teachers helped their students get new clothing or footwear.

they saw an increase in reach of over 5000 % from previous posts.

Today I will share my top go-to sights for finding pictures that can tell their own story.

Stock photography gets a bad rap but those shoes mentioned above were found on my favorite stock photography website Photodune. Not only do they have some compelling photos, you can buy most images for as little $1.

You may have noticed that here at Sensei Project we like to use photos of the real world around us on our website and social media sites. We find most of those beautiful, and free to use photos at

I know many people who go to Google Images to find photos. If you don’t search for the right kind of photos you could get yourself in trouble. Be sure to go to the advanced search option, 


and then scroll down to usage rights and select the right license for your needs.

If you are looking for some amazing pictures of history, you need to scroll through New Old Stock which provides vintage photos from the public archives.

Finally, if you are looking for great pictures with an authentic feel, you should subscribe to Death to the Photo Stock and you will receive emails with great photos that you are free to use.

Do you have any favorite go-to places for photos? Please share with us in the comments section.