New Looks, Updated Messaging, and a Personal Assistant: Weekly Social Media Roundup

newspaper-412435_1920Weekly roundups corral the news you can use.
It has been a busy week in my news feeds. Here are a couple of highlights.

Let’s start with something you might have missed, or someone may have made a big deal about, or someone like me saw and went, eh…

Google changed their logo! Yeah, it is in line with the whole Alphabet thing that now rules the Googleverse.

Twitter has noticed how much people love editing and adding text to their short videos and images and may be testing out those features within the Twitter platform.

“That’s according to numerous images posted by Taylor Swift, Pharrell Williams and others pop stars, who appeared to have access to unreleased editing features from Twitter at MTV’s VMA awards show this weekend.”

And Instagram is taking note that people like to pass private notes to each other, so it is updating Instagram Direct

“The revisions allow threaded conversations so you can chat about photos instead of simply commenting on them. You also can start group chats, which remakes the experience of communicating on the platform, which, even in Instagram Direct, always has been done in the comments. ”

In the world of Facebook, it looks like they want to get in the personal assistant game that Apple and Google have been dabbling in.

“Facebook Inc is testing a personal digital assistant called “M” within its Messenger service that can answer questions with live human help and perform tasks such as buying gifts online and booking restaurants.”

What news did you see in your feeds that we need to know about?