Twitter Talk, Trophies, and the Alphabet: Weekly Social Media Roundup

Our weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Twitter is making some valuable changes to their DM feature including increasing the character limit and enabling photos and links to be shared. This makes a lot of sense considering the growing popularity of messenger apps being used today. 

Has your brand been on Twitter for awhile and wish you had the archives to see how things have been going? Now you can. A new product offering now enables Full-Archive Search API that enables you to search for any public tweet ever posted. 

Snapchat is making some tweaks to their app as well including the introduction of Travel Mode which will put those important stories on hold if you are not ready to see them, thus saving your some very valuable data. 

A Trophy Case also recently showed up in Snapchat…Let the gamification begin. 

If you have been hiding in a cave or under a rock this week, you might have missed the big news that Google now owns the Alphabet. Well, let me rephrase that, the Alphabet now owns Google. Well here is a visual to help you sort it all out.