Facebook for the Famous, Instagram for the Money, and Twitter Streamlined for Google: Weekly Social Media Roundup

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

Live streaming video is the newest cool kid in town, so of course, Facebook wanted to get in with that crowd and recently launched their live streaming feature. Of course, it is being offered for cool kids only, aka celebs.

Facebook has another new feature launched this week, Send Message. When you see an ad on Facebook you can now send that brand a private message straight from the ad. That is kinda cool.

Facebook also owns Instagram (if you did not know). Facebook makes a lot of money off of ads (if you did not know). And now Instagram is ready to make lots of money from ads and is now open for everyone to purchase Instagram ads.

Speaking of ads, Twitter wants to make it easier for brands to spend money on Twitter advertisements, well as easy as using an Excel spreadsheet if you think that is easy.

The Twitter mobile interface is also getting more user -friendly, at least for people with an iPhone 6.

Did you hear that? It is the death knell of Google plus. Well, death may just be a way to transform into something else. Google has decided you do not HAVE to have a Google plus account for everything Google. Just a Google account.

So what may be in Google’s social future? Perhaps an acquisition of Twitter?