Simple Designs and Worthy Integrations: Weekly Social Media Roundup

Weekly roundups corral the news you can use.

3h21kuxvt4According to YouTube, at least half of their viewers watch videos on a mobile device.  This week YouTube released various changes to the mobile interface to make navigating and finding your favorite video creators easier. You can also make limited edits to videos and upload them on your phone. Expect more and more enhancements to come as YouTube is now faced with competition from every direction. 

Earlier this week I was on a call with a client talking about design. I mentioned that I personally like a very clean design, and white backgrounds are my favorite. It seems like Twitter agrees

It seems Twitter is just continuing to simplify things. For example, they are taking the guessing out of how to target ads around big events

Meerkat keeps trying to one-up their competitors. In their latest attempt, they have announced that ability to lifestream straight from your Go Pro

ICYM – this one was not from this week, but we missed posting about it, and it may be important. Facebook is testing a feature that allows you to buy items straight from a brand page. This makes sense following the recent ability to be able to send money to people through Facebook Messenger