Advertising Opps, Embeddable Meerkat, and Stats: Social Media Round Up

CPC – 3 letters thrown around often when you’re talking about ads. It stands for Cost Per Click. You only pay for your ad when someone clicks on the ad. Pretty basic definition, until Facebook redefines what they mean by CPC. Facebook will now only charge if the click is directed to a website or mobile app. A click for a like or to comment is no longer counted as a CPC. Why pay for a like or comment on a post when your objective is to drive conversions?

Twitter is upping their advertising options as well.

“The new features will include a video app card, which will allow advertisers to showcase their apps with video before prompting users to install them. Twitter is also giving advertisers more choice in how they’re charged for ads.”

Pinterest is the ultimate site to create your bucket list of things you want to do and buy. Now if your pin has a blue price tag, you can go ahead and buy that item right now and cross it off your checklist.

Meerkat continues to make moves to stay relevant in the Live Streaming app challenge. meerkat-the-live-streaming-app-that-has-all-of-twitter-going-crazy-is-about-to-get-a-lot-better.jpgYou can now embed your Meerkat player into your website.

“It will show your live stream if you’re live, your upcoming stream if you have one scheduled, and if you have yet to go live it will show your profile.”

Ever wonder why social media changes so fast? It is because there is still so much growth and opportunity and competition happening. I have been working in social media for 10 years and the changes only continue to accelerate and the opportunities keep getting more exciting. Just check out a few of these stats.