Instagram Fame, Periscope Replay, and Twitter Tries to Catch Lightning: Social Media Round Up

First I apologize for not posting my weekly Roundups the past two weeks. I unplugged and went to a music festival then needed some time to recover.


But now that I am recovered, it is time to catch up a little.

Instagram in the Spotlight.

With over 300 million active users on the photo-sharing site, one has to wonder whether or not you need to look for boring or overpriced photos to promote your own brand. These hotels say, nah! let’s use the photos of our happy guests. They are real, they are quirky, and they represent the brand.

Perhaps that raise the question in your mind of whether or not you should think about an advertising strategy on Instagram. Well, you are not alone.

As you should know already, Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook is pretty smart about advertising. According to The Motley Fool Instagram’s ad revenue will be $2 billion and is set to surpass Twitter’s ad revenue soon.

Instagram is also launching a few valuable features, including the ability to see what is trending and to search for photos by location.

Your Not Recording This?

I was on a call the other day and the person on the other end jokingly said he was streaming the conversation on Periscope. My reply was eh – it’s a stream, it will be over before anyone catches on.

Well, Periscope has changed that. If you missed an interesting Periscope, you can now watch a replay, for up to 24 hours.

Catching Lightning

Twitter was introduced to me as a way to connect with people during live events. To me, that is still what twitter is the best platform for. Twitter does not disagree. Project Lightning is the name of Twitter’s efforts to be better at curating news around live events as it is happening. This new feature should surely enhance user’s ability to put Twitter to good use.